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Jason Owen - Songs of John Denver $18

Jason Owen to release fourth album Jason Owen Sings John Denver: the 20th Anniversary along with his first boutique Theatre tour.

Since the John Denver classic Annie’s Song launched him as a contestant on the X Factor in 2012, Jason Owen has planned for this album. His pop, the much-loved patriarch of his family asked him again and again to do a tribute album. With his pop’s health on the decline and the 20th anniversary of the legend’s passing, Jason knew there was no better time for this album.

One of the best-selling artists of the 70s, John Denver was more than just a country music singer. He was outspoken on politics, an environmentalist and a humanitarian. Rather than putting the big smoke on a pedestal, Denver praised the virtues of country living, one most Australian country music fans can connect with.

A labour of love, the album is packed with songs that made John Denver a household name including Annie’s Song, Take Me Home, and first single Everybody’s Talking. Jason’s exceptional vocals shine on the album perfectly capturing the soul of Denver’s music. “I’ve put my own touch on each track but kept true to the uniqueness of John’s creativity.”

Writing passionately about the world around him and the simple joys of life, Denver’s timeless music resonated with millions of people from popular artists who have covered his music to a young, impressionable boy in country New South Wales.