GDSC and the HELPING HANDS help raise money for Noe Clark

THERE are some rare moments in your life and one of those was on Saturday night.”
Helping Hands Trivia Night organiser Cr Arthur Lysaught described the emotional scene as Tim "Noe” Clark, who in September was diagnosed with a primary brain tumour called glioblastoma multiforme, finished addressing the crowd of 600 at Grafton District Services Club.
"His wife Jenny spoke and then Noe spoke briefly and the moment he finished every person in the room stood and applauded Noe,” Cr Lysaught said.
"He indicated that things had been tough and are going to get tougher in the future, but he really wanted to acknowledge the people of Grafton.
"He was overawed by the number of people who attended and the generosity to he and Jenny.”
Cr Lysaught said Saturday night was one of the best turnouts for the annual event, which raises money for a local community member in a time of need.
"We had 67 tables, the auction was enormous and the raffles all worked really well,” he said.
"On the night it was $39,100-odd raised and the GDSC rounded it off to $40,000.
"We also had a money box on every table and after adding those notes and coins the grand total was $42,730."It really was a special night