Mamma Mia: 10 more reasons to love the music of ABBA

THE Ten Sopranos will set aside their widely acclaimed classical opera repertoire and bring to life the sounds of Swedish sensations ABBA for a memorable performance of their concert Mamma Mia in Grafton.

Audiences have embraced the show – singing, dancing and simply enjoying what is arguably the No.1 vocal interpays pretation of ABBA songs in the world today.

The glorious melodies and harmonies are reinvigorated and given new life by the most powerful all-female group in Australia. Artistic and musical directors Shannon Brown and Penny Pavlakis have combined their supreme talents to bring to Australian audiences a concert of epic proportions that homage to the magnificent songs of ABBA.

The musical director for Shout! The Story of Johnny O’Keefe, Brown has worked with the Ten Tenors, Harrison Craig, Marina Prior and Mark Vincent.

Pavlakis, a critically acclaimed and multi-awardwinning international star, is known to her peers as “The Singers’ Singer”.

Since the group’s formation in 2006, The Ten Sopranos have performed more than 300 times across 80 theatres in Australia alone, exhilarating audiences and sometimes moving them to tears. Others loiter around the venue to savour the moment a little longer. Their first CD, simply titled The Ten Sopranos, was an academic version of all-time classics such as The Prayer, Nessun Dorma and Granada. But these women can rock, too, and Grafton is in for a treat.

The Ten Sopranos, live at the Grafton District Services Club on Friday, April 12. Tickets from reception or online at